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JESCOacts for clients in M & A work and has achieved a high success rate. Using its unique and detailed database of plastic processors JESCOworks with the client to carry out an initial market scan looking for suitable targets. JESCO is expert in identifying who the relevant players are and where they fit in the supply chain. Once a number of candidates are identified then a critical examination is carried out to assess the target's strengths and weaknesses, future prospects and availability for purchase. If required, JESCOwill also act in financial negotiations between vendor and purchaser.

Case study

JESCOidentified 3 acquisition targets in Europe for a client seeking new capacity. The options with the project delivered included a semi-tech facility being disposed of by a polymer producer, a specialist facility in central Europe dedicated to a compatible, but different polymer and the possibility of a joint investment with a US company currently importing into Europe a product which in JESCO's opinion could be made on compatible equipment.
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