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Electron beam Processing Systems (EPS)

In addition to conventional applications such as cross-linking to improve the heat resistance of electric wires and enhancing the quality of polyethylene foam and automotive tires, Electron beam Processing Systems (EPS) are also used to modify wrapping films. There has been an especially remarkable development in the field of low energy systems, leading to widespread use in specialized printing, adhesives and transfer films. EPS have many other uses such as the removal of toxic substances in the air, sterilizing and disinfecting medical products instead of the method using poisonous gas, changing the characteristics of semiconductors and killing insects on imported cut flowers. It has made a wide-ranging contribution to various fields of in dustry by increasing the performance and adding to the value of processed materials.

ScanningType Electron Beam Processing 

System It is used in a wide range of fields including electric wire, chemistry, steel, automobiles and medical equipment. It can be used in special production lines, and for research and development of state-of-the-art technologies and many other purposes.

Area Beam Type Electron Beam Processing System (CURETRON)

It is used for production of functionalized film, adhesive tape and exfoliate paper, and for ink curing and other purposes. It is equipped with a conveyor, inert gas atmosphere system, oxygen measuring instrument and X-ray shielding

EB irradiation Services

We provide all manner of processing needs including R & D tests, sample irra diation and toll irradiation services.
Our EB Centers are conducting research and development and providing experi mental assistance for such purposes as improvement of the properties of various materials, strengthening of coatings and adhesives, and disinfection of packaging materials.
We provide irradiation services for customers who do not have EPS facilities.
Our lineup of irradiation systems, includ ing peripheral equipment, caters to various applications. Because such systems are equipped with coaters and laminators, it is possible to conduct continuous processing of films, webs, pipes and tubes

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