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Ion Implantation System

The evolution of microelectronic and optoelectronic technology accelerates year after year. The degree of integration is enhanced at ever-higher speeds and the production of semiconductor devices requires the constant upgrading of production accuracy, production throughput, and production automation.

In 1973, ion implantation technology was introduced to NISSIN HIGHVOLTAGE CO., LTD. by HIGHVOLTAGE ENGINEERING EUROPA B.V. In 1983, an on equipment division was established at NISSIN to promote expansion of this business and its related technology. Since then, NISSIN has supplied its ion implanters to many customers in Japan and overseas, and our market share of the ion implanter business is now firmly established. Moreover, in 1990. NISSIN came out with an ion implanter for low temperature poly-silicon TFT-LCDs. Named Ion Doping System, it has become a leader in the Ion Doping system field. In 1995 NISSIN began to supply its best-selling EXCEED 2000 series. Following that, in 1999, the Ion Equipment Division, which was in charge of NISSIN's ion equipment business, was spun-off as a separate entity called NISSIN ION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. This wholly owned subsidiary of NISSIN was created in order to provide more effective customer service.

In 2000, the newly-founded NISSIN ION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, came out with the EXCEED 230q series (for 300mm. wafers), which is boasts state-of-the-art nanometer technology. Today, NISSIN is one of the top suppliers of ion implanters not only for the Japanese market, but also for the Asia-Pacific one, which includes China, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore. NISSIN will continue to develop the next generation of ion implantation systems for future LSI and TFT-LCD processing, and strive to satisfy its latest needs of its customers

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